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This week I received a text from my brother: “Want to go to LA instead?”

“Ummm, sure!”

And just like that, our road trip went from this:

To this:

Well, kinda.

Turns out my brother got wind of an internship opportunity with a company outside Los Angeles. Long story short: His friend recommended him, he applied, he got the job! It’s right up his alley — building spaceship engines and whatnot. He’s psyched; I’m proud; now we’re driving to LA.

We sat down the other night to map a tentative route. He was really excited at the opportunity to hike in the Smoky Mountains, so on day one we’re heading south. We both love to hike so we’re allowing ourselves a driving break on day two to explore the hills, and then heading, upon my request, to Nashville to hear some country music and eat sumthin’ southern! Yee-haw!

After that the trip is a bit up in the air. A stop in St Louis is in order; we both have friends to visit in Boulder; and neither of us have ever seen the Grand Canyon. (Oh, and I’m pushing for a drive-by of the Hoover Dam since it’s on the way, sort of!)

We are both excited to take the trip as it comes. We have more days available than we need, and I happen to be an expert at making the most of my travels.

A personal “pro” of the trip change is that our final destination is right near my dear ol’ friend from freshman year of college, Besser. I  de-virginized my west coast experience when I visited her last spring, after not seeing her for more than 5 years. We had a blast so I am very excited to see her again! We have one of those comfortable friendships that we can skip a few years and then just naturally pick up where we left off.

The “con” about the trip change is that AAA, upon learning that I was going to be in her home away from home, booked a ticket to Madison to visit her new niece and nephew so she could also show me around her Mecca. Now I won’t be there to enjoy AAA’s Madison, which I’ve been really anxious to experience since I’ve met her. Siiigh. We’ll just have to make another trip.

I hope this isn’t my only trip cross-country, but everything happens for a reason. I was really looking forward to seeing Seattle. But my brother will be heading up there after the first semester to get back to the grad school thing… so I’ll get there when the time is right.

In the meantime, I just discovered a famous bar named Billy Bob’s in Dallas that has indoor bull riding. Hmmm, should I bring my cowboy hat?? You know, just in case…


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One of my favorite movies was on last night: The Wedding Date. It’s a cheesy girly film, but there is one part that, even after watching it dozens of times, serves as a reminder of perspective.

When the groom finds out his soon-to-be-wife used to sleep with his best friend—who is also the best man—he, needless to say, loses his temper. But when he’s in the car driving back to the wedding location—after chasing the best man ‘halfway to France’—he says, “I’ve had her up on a pedestal ever since… since the day I put her up there.”

I sometimes think about times I’ve felt disappointed in other’s actions. You dwell on the situation; you feel let down, like they failed you. Worst of all you feel betrayed because they are not living up to the standard you set for them…

the standard you set…

I can pinpoint situations and relationships in my life where I have felt this way—and mentally accused the other party(ies) of lying and not caring. Yet, watching that movie last night, hearing that quote for the umpteenth time, quickly reminded me, that sometimes it’s all in your head. Sometimes it’s your thought process that needs to change.

If we don’t know how another feels, or they don’t provide a clear, understandable answer for their actions, we are left to fill in the blanks with our own thoughts and assumptions. Sometimes we are lucky enough to understand that person’s thought process, and we can fill in the holes accurately, but most of the time, the answers come from our own schema.

With that said, there’s no wonder we feel disappointed.

I guess there is a reason they say not to assume. (How does the saying go? “Don’t assume; it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me?’”)

If you haven’t seen The Wedding Date it is a very heartfelt happy movie, with lots of laughs from Debra Messing—and eye candy, thanks to Dermot Mulroney. But it’s this little reminder that gets me every time.

Next time I’m not sure, I think I’ll just ask!

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One day my friend Aly rang to see if I wanted to go see the movie Twilight. I had no desire to see the movie because a) there was too hype about it and I like to revolt against hype, and b) it was aimed at teenagers—what would I, a mature 26-year-old, get out of it?

So I said, “Sure, let’s go!”

Now I am not one to idolize celebrities—never have been, never will be. But I must say, if I was going to become an ‘idolizer,’ my first fixation would be Robert Pattinson—solely for playing the role of Edward Cullen. He was absolutely fascinating.

Needless to say, I loved the film so much that when a co-worker mentioned she was reading the series, I had to dive in myself. Not only do we have a somewhat similar taste in literature, it finally registered in my head that there were FOUR books surrounding Edward. That’s a lot of reading time.

I knew as I flipped open to the first page that I was embarking down a potentially dangerous and obsessive adventure that could  possibly stand to rival my 6-week long Harry Potter escapade. (Considering I’ve read 480 pages in 3 day this should be over a lot quicker.)

And as expected, I am completely engrossed—’unconditionally and irrevocably’ enthralled with the character of Edward. Never once do I want Bella to ‘play it safe’ or push Edward out of her life. In fact, I find myself getting frustrated when she shows just a glimpse of hesitation.

What is so attractive about being a vampire?

Yes, they are exquisitely beautiful, more graceful than the entire NYCB and they glimmer like diamonds in the sunlight. But there is something more. I’m guessing it’s the same reason we chase the bad boys in HS… the danger! Why are girls attracted to the ‘bad boys’… the ones they know have the potential to emotionally destroy them? Or maybe it’s just that they stand out… they are ‘different’ than the norm. Don’t we all want to find that diamond in the ruff?

And don’t we all want to be the one that changes that guy? The one girl who they want to settle down with… the one they will compromise for?

What about the speed and agility he applies to everyday events? Imagine being able to fly through the jungle and race through the forest at a speed competing with light? How much f’in fun would that be!! I think that would be enough to win me over.

Whatever the reason, this vampire-human love affair nears perfection—and I’m guessing a lot more people agree than will admit.

I do feel lucky that in many ways I can relate to Bella… I have felt love for someone whose words and beauty left me dumbfounded. I have spent hours mesmerized by their eyes. I have felt my body go into shock from their touch. And although they were never gold to begin with, I watched their crystal blue eyes turn dark from anger and frustration. (That’s another vampire trait.)

And all  this without the fear of having the blood drained from my body!!

*Please note that all my knowledge vampires stems from this book; I have no personal experience or proof that any of these assumptions are true.

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The Z100 is no longer able to broadcast over the internet outside the United States. This pissed me off very much as I looked forward to a Z Morning Zoo break about noontime. But I received a very nice apologetic letter from some guy in response to my ‘This is appalling!’ comment. 😦

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