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Way too much to say about this than I have time for right now…

The Beast by Mike Collins from The Perfect Workday

Seriously, if you don’t have this RSS ‘d, DO IT! Or at least go read through some of his other recent entries.


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Such a cliche, but I strongly believe and “try” hard to live up to one of my favorite sayings.

“Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.”

Therefore, while I am not perfect at it, I try not to criticize or talk bad about others, because I don’t wish to be criticized by those I care for. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, because I would like the same. And most of all, I try to see the good in people and believe their intentions are positive, because I myself would like people to believe I always meant the best.

With that said, Mike Collins had another GREAT one today that falls into the realm of the above quote.

RB:  Life’s Yard Sale

(Seriously, what would I write about without Mike?)

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Ok, ok, I know, I reference this guy a lot! (Sorry Mike!) But I do love this statement:

“Floating through life punching a time clock and wondering what you’re good at won’t feed the bulldog, as a friend of mine from Georgia says. You’ve got to identify your gifts and put them to use. It’s a sin and disgrace not to.”

From today’s The Perfect Workday entry, They Can’t All Be Human, Can They?

I’m glad to say I think I am putting my gifts to use. What do you guys think?

And better yet, what are your gifts?  Are you putting them to use?

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RFBN (re-Facebook note?) @Paulo Coelho:

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This Week : Quality of Life

Would you do a list of 5, 6 or 7 things that you should do to improve your quality of life?
If I think about myself, I think that I’ll stay less time in front of this monitor but besides that I think that I really care about my quality of life, I do as much as I can: walking in the fields, enjoying every single moment but I want to hear your opinion this week on improving your quality of life because this can be very useful to other people.
Thank you so much for sharing.

I have to agree with his number one—less time in front of LCD screens. (Maybe I should buy a typewriter…)
Additionally, without giving it too much thought, I’d have to say:
1. Attend yoga regularly
2. Move to a location that allows me easy access to the mountains, countryside, etc.
3. Travel more
4. Spend more time with loved ones (including Max)
5. Forgive and forget

On the contrary, here are some things I am loving about my life, and why:
1. Spending regular time with my nearest and dearest: It’s helped me develop deeper friendships.
2. Being single: I’m learning to value internal happiness that’s independent of others.
3. Work contributions: The more you put in, the more you get—both at work and in personal endeavors!

What about you?

Paulo’s Quote of the Week:
“To say “no” is painful, but much better than a “yes” that brings regrets.”

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I might as well start this entry like my other recent ones: This daily blogging gig isn’t turning out so well.

Yet with that said, I must add that I am proud of myself for getting words down as often as I have. Between a full-time job, 3-hour daily commute, part-time weekend job and prospering social life, it’s not easy getting online to write down some thoughts—not to mention coming up with thoughts.

When I do need some relaxing, mind-numbing downtime, I like to dedicate it to late-night walks with Max. Although this weekend, we did not spend a lot of QT together. With MJ in town—all the way from London ladies and gentlemen—the last three days have been packed with sightseeing, city-exploration, EATING and female bonding.

In the last three days we have:

  • Explored the graffiti of Brooklyn (MJ and Triple A enjoyed this while I worked);
  • Attended a performance of the sold-out Fall for Dance series (performances ranged from ‘pretty good’ to ‘phenomenal’).
  • Over-indulged in a “gorgeous”—as the Brits would say—Cuban meal accompanied by pitchers of Sangria.
  • Went apple and pumpkin picking—although we spent more time playing on the children’s playground equipment than we did picking the one pumpkin we purchased. (Side note: There was an awesome sign at the pumpkin farm that pretty much summed up my opinion of children.)
    Unattended Children
  • Drank—sorry, “tasted”—numerous kinds of wine at a handful of Long Island wineries, and hung outside in the beautiful fall weather.
    The highlights include meeting a labradoodle, who was really just a oversized breathing and moving stuffed animal, that I seriously considering stealing. He was named Bogey, how awesome is that? And we watched turtles having sex—to which a young girl described to her dad, “Dad, look, the daddy turtles riding on the baby turtle.” “Yes hunny, come on, let’s go look at the goats.” This lasted for like an hour; turtles have some killer stamina.
  • Indulged on sushi from, none other than, Merrick Sushi and Tea.
  • Indulged on $5 Martinis at our “local” (I’m not even going to mention the people we met there.)
  • Played with the dinosaurs, stole some pretty gems and danced with the Native Americans at the National History Museum.
  • Hit up the Tea Spot AND the Peanut Butter Co before relaxing in Washington Square, where we listened to the same guitar player/singer perform that we heard last year during MJ’s first visit to the park.
  • Got Crumbs?
  • Introduced MJ to The Cheesecake Factory, whose post-meal response was, “I have never before felt so defeated by a meal.” She ordered a burger; enough said.
  • Ate Crumbs!

All in all a good weekend if you ask me. Not only did we go on some exciting adventures, most of which revolved around eating fantastic food, the company throughout it all was fabulous!

Alright, there you have it. Over and out!

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I can across a quote in a book I’m reading that really hit home:

Einstein said it best: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind its faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

This is why we fail to find success through the ego. This is why life, for many, is an endless drama and struggle—because we follow our inferior guide, the one that’s defensive, unclear, poorly informed, confused, easily intimidated, self-absorbed, and fearful.

To live your spirit is simple: All you do it detach from your ego and follow your heart.

Ok, that was my deep profound thought, not to mention second blog entry, for the day! Whoa, my psyche is now drained!

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