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I was sitting here thinking about something I said to a friend just now and debating whether I should clarify my intention. Although my point was completely innocent and basically just an observation of their actions, I am slightly worried that they may have taken it more critically than intended because of the words and tone I used.

As I was considering the right course of action, I opened my RSS to catch up on my favorite blogs.

Mike Collins always knows the right thing to say: Where Ya Comin’ From?


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is a term that tends to be regarded highly in society, especially among the New York workforce where it is practically mandatory.

Among psychologists/social workers it seems to symbolize a disconnect from the world and the relationships around you.

So is it bad or good?
They say the things that don’t kill you make you stronger [or tougher??].

There are times I think being tough is a cover-up for the weaknesses you don’t want to show the world, but at others I think there isn’t any other way to be. I look back at all the experiences I had and all the people I have met. I would have missed out on many of them if I wasn’t “tough,” whether it be because I was faced with a task I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish, or because I wouldn’t have had the courage to join the adventure.

In the past couple days a couple people have called me “tough,” one saying I was one of the toughest they knew. I am very flattered by this. Although it can be considered a fault as much as a strength, I am who I am because of it: I got where I am, I saw the places I saw, I learned the lessons I did and I gained the experiences necessary.

Being tough also taught me that you don’t always have to be. There are people, places and times when it’s not only acceptable but also important to put your guard down.

If I wasn’t tough I would have sat all that out—and that would have sucked big time.

So to those who called me tough…

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It occurred to be that I haven’t given thanks in a while. So with Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it was time to share all the things I have been thankful for lately.

The past year has been intense for me and resulted in a lot of soul searching. But over the past couple months I have come out on top of things and feel pretty high on life. Basically, things are GOOD! And the things that could be considered “less good” are under control and in perspective. I really have no complaints. What more could I ask for?

With that said, my list of ‘thankfulees,’ is pretty superficial, fun and, well, self-indulgent; I am working towards a lot of personal goals and therefore being kind of selfish and self-indulgent with my time and energy lately. Aren’t we all entitled to that?

Oh, and all this took place within the past two weeks. (It’s been a busy couple weeks!)

1.    Two weeks ago I purchased a new laptop. As well as having a fun, sexy new toy to play with, I am once again mobile, allowing me to pursue my purposes in life, on-the-go. (And this has helped me reach my embarrassingly low word count for NaNoWriMo.)

2.    On Monday I met my favorite author at Barnes & Noble in NYC—Augusten Burroughs. Along with a room full of dark, dry and wordy literature fans, I got to listen to an excerpt from his new book, question him on his editing process and get two signed copies for me and mom. Woo hoo! I left there smiling like a kid who just got her first pair of ballet slippers.

3.    I had a fun night out. [full-stop]

4.    I watched one of my closest guy friends get married to a truly beautiful and wonderful lady who actually got him to dance. IMPRESSIVE!

5.    I found out our office is closing during the holidays giving us 12 days off over the Christmas/New Year’s time.

6.    Mom and I attended a fabulous Broadway preview of the show Fela! last night! Fantastic music, dancing and somehow amazingly awesome seats, front and center, four rows back. Oh and an awesome French dinner beforehand! Thanks mom!

7.    I booked a trip to Ireland with some of my closest gal friends. So come the end of January, Triple A, Carlita, M and I will be boarding a plane headed for pubs, pints, green countryside, cute men and a 5-star castle hotel—Adare Manor—for 6 nights of hiking, biking, drinking, eating and, well, whatever else they do in western Ireland.

Pretty exciting list of fun going on here, eh?

With that said, it’s back to writing. I am 2,635 words behind my intended word count—and as Caitlin would point out, this was 466 words that could have been added to my NaNoWriMo story. Oh boy!

Make that 481!

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In a creative industry, you quickly learn to appreciate references to your work as a form of flattery. Plagiarism is still no-no, but approved “re-postings” of blog entries, articles or simple quotes… I find it flattering. Someone not only enjoyed reading your work, but appreciated it enough that they want to share it with others, publicly!

So I was quite pleased when the owner of 2 Left Feet Dance Studio emailed me to request republishing an article I wrote, titled “Building Trust With Ballroom Dance,” on their website. (The original can be found published on my Suite101.com profile.)

Of course I said yes, and now it’s up… as well as the not so flattering photo of me and my friend BT in the studio. (I’m laughing like a hyena after we retook the photo a dozen times because the flash kept reflecting inthe mirrors.)

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Today should really end with a list of ‘thanks.’

1. Green tea for helping me stay awake today.
2. Aleve Cold & Sinus for surpressing the ‘sploding pain in my facial cavities. (Today sounds awesome so far, eh?)
3. Twenties Girl, Sophie Kinsella’s latest, for bringing me to hysterics only 2 1/2 pages in. (And I’m thankful to MJ for bringing me a British version.)
4. Secret, secret, secret, secret.
5. All the positive, supportive and genuine people who have entered – and stayed – in my life.

What are you thankful for today?

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I haven’t been saying thanks the last couple days. Well, not online at least.

The last couple days have been very busy – both at work and in general life.

And that very idea is the number one thing I’m been thankful for.

Enough said…

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I really should have given my schedule a more thorough thought when I declared my own “daily blog challenge,” as not only are my weekends busier than my week days, but I also seem to completely forget that I even know how to write on the weekends.

Therefore, another Saturday and Sunday have flown by with no words posted by me. (You hadn’t noticed… had you? Word.)

By slacking on blogging, I also slacked on my “thanks.” Let’s take a look at some things I was thankful for this weekend.

1.    Vodka, for making happy hour lots of fun.
2.    The friend we made at happy hour who helped me get to Penn station and find my train.
3.    The old guy who fell asleep on me on the train, consequently waking me up at “my station +1.” (Which means, I went one station past mine.)
4.    Triple A and AJ for being so helpful and picking me up at “my station +1,” and then collecting my car at “my station.”
5.    Grandma for having recently purchased ham, cheese and bread to help absorb the precedingly-thanked vodka when arriving home at 1 am.

Saturday & Sunday
1.    The Costco gals for another banter-filled weekend.
2.    Cassidy’s for always being there when Triple A and I need a night out.
3.    Cassidy’s $5 Martini menu.
4.    The guy at Cassidy’s who helped teach us the rules to Rummy 500.
5.    Cassidy’s tendency to overcook everything, which always leaves the nachos covered in crispy cheese… yuuuummmm!
6.    Anthony… just because. (like your shout out buddy?)
7.    Target sales, for making it easier for me to flaunt my fun photography.
8.    Fun photos!
9.    My morals and dignity; not everyone has them apparently.
10.   Coming home from two days of long weekend work days to Grandma’s homemade meatloaf and baked potatoes.

And that’s that. It’s now Monday, so sooner or later I’ll have something fun posted!

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