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“Stop by on your way home,” was the text I got from my brother. Unexplained requests always leave me hesitant — something wrong?

Sure wasn’t… I walked into the back room of my parents house to find two new baby kitties bouncing around. Well, actually one was bouncing, the other other ran and hid under the couch until he became comfy with me, and was sure I wasn’t dangerous. The bouncy one, the lady, couldn’t have care less who I was, as long as I dangled something for her to attack.

Meet “Dempsey,*” named after the soccer player Clint Dempsey,
not to be confused with the beautiful actor Patrick Dempsey.

Meet “Timmy,*” named after mom’s favorite soccer player, Timmy Howard —
and he’s also a little special, like Tiny Tim.

And his sister, “Abby,*” named after Abby Wambach, the US soccer player
currently in spotlight for rockin’ out at the women’s World Cup. 

*names subject to change

“Abby” is a hyper little thing that will jump and cuddle up with anyone, while “Dempsey” is more timid, more particular about his cuddle and play partners it seems. They don’t look alike, but they are bro and sis and they help each other out, such as when Dempsey went in the litter box after Abby peed and covered it up for her. What a great big brother. Actually big might not be the right word, he was the runt. He also gets anxiety, as he puked and crapped all over soon after he got home from the stress of, well, being adopted and moving to a new home. I mean, come on, that’s stressful!! I think he’s ok now.

They love each other.

I’ll post more as we manage to capture them.

In the meantime, here are some adorable pics of my Dora Dora Doll. She is such a good sleeper now that she spends all day gallivanting outside.

She sleeps like a drunk on her back

On me…

and yeah, we spoon!


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In other non-running news…

Dora the Kitty Explorer‘s lifestyle has been upgraded to include daytime outdoor privileges. This was not a decision made lightly but a result of two components…

1) She wouldn’t shut the eff up about it. Basically, she spent all her waking hours plotting her escape. If the door was left open for 1-2 seconds longer than it took the opener to walk through it, she was gone. When she wasnt stalking the door’s movement, she was meowing at the door and hanging from the door knob in desperation.

2) She returned to pissing on my bed, couch, floor regularly — and I’m pretty sure it was out of spite. Grrrr.

Here are some shots from her first day in the wilderness. The first few times she went out she spent most of the day in the backyard. Now not so much.

The best part was that the birds kept chasing her. After all the scares she gave them through the window when they would try to eat at the bird feeder, it was payback. We could hear them plotting… every time she was in the area they would chirp like crazy. She kept ducking from them and then sitting out under the tress on the lookout — like in the first photo.


Chillin in the garden

Hey feathers! I’m outside now. 

Stealth mode.

Aren’t I just so damn cute?

That’s right bee-otchs! I’m up here now!

Yeah, that’s what I thought!

Oh man, I’m dehydrated… chasing birds for real is so tiring.

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I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. It feels like a false start to something I should be, and like to think I am, striving for throughout the year.

With that said, when his January hit, I jotted down a few things I’d like to focus on improving in the coming months. Nothing I hadn’t been trying to “resolve” to do for while prior, but they weren’t getting done so why not jump on the bandwagon?

Yesterday I stumbled upon the list, which I had saved in my phone’s “Google Tasks” app (so millennial of me), and I was happy to say that I was able to “check as complete” three out of the four items.

Now, they may seem a bit vague so please consider that I am an overachiever and would not consider them completed if I did not feel I had done so 100+%.

1. Freelance more

Ok, so this is the one of the four I did not yet check off. However, while I have not been freelancing for financial compensation, I have embarked on a few of my own “career-oriented” projects and been getting involved in a few others. Want proof? Check out my food blog, BiteForBite.com — I just finished the layout last night so I’m super excited to hear what you think.

What has made this even more fun is that I created it with my gal friend in Cali, giving me a reason to email-harass her on a regular basis.

While I have contributed very little to this so far, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to an online magazine a friend of mine founded for independent, go-getter women: MoxyMag.com. I’ll let you check it out to learn more, but she’s built a strong network of writers and worked around the clock to make it a success, and I look forward to contributing more in the coming months. You can check her out at www.melissabreau.com, and you can check out my long-time friend who joined Melissa’s team, at kimbonotkimmy.blogspot.com.

2. Exercise/Live Healthier

I know, not original, but if you had seen the state of my lifestyle — devouring late night take out and avoiding stairs at all costs for fear of hyperventilating — you’d have been disgusted. During the holidays I stocked up on Groupon, Living Social, Deal On, etc., coupons to yoga, pilates and even spin classes. And I am so proud to say that I’ve learned to handle a spin class — a previously impossible feat — and I am almost-officially hooked on hot yoga. Who knew? (photo: my Groupon collection)

In addition to my new-found love for extreme-sweating exercises, I’ve cut out caffeine, late night binging and switched back from beer to vodka (it’s more summery after all). I feel annoyingly optimistic and cheery, and have gotten accustomed to receiving weird looks from my fellow train passengers for bouncing around my seat to my iPod on the 750, as well as from my colleagues who are now used to me practicing my split leaps in the hallways.

3. Relax More

This, believe it or not, was/is the hardest. Relaxing is not something I succumb to easily. For me, it usually comes in the form of exhaustion after running myself thin on the above activities. However, without even really trying, I’ve found a sense of balance, and when I need to relax, unwind, veg… I do. I’ve worked my way through two seasons of The Tudors (TV is a huge form of mind-numbing relaxation for me) and been spending my weekend days wandering along the beach looking for bodies…. (JOKING!! Not funny Liz; it’s a horrible situation!)

4. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter / Young Authors Group

Yesterday I had me second training session to be a volunteer at Animal Haven, a nonprofit animal shelter for cats and dogs in Manhattan. After Max the smushpup left me for his new home, I miss my evening doggy walks and vowed to volunteer some of my time at a shelter. I love all things furry, and while no animal can compare to my Dora Dora Doll (that’s her nickname), it breaks my heart to see other animals without people love. Working in a shelter isn’t glamorous; there is a lot of cleaning up, but one lil look at the Brindle pup sleeping with his face smashed against the cage, or the three weeks-old kittens sleeping so entwined it was impossible to tell how many were there, and we (the volunteer group I was in) were all “Awwwing.” I can’t wait to get going with it. (photo: my Dora Dora Doll… because she’s the cutest kitty in the whole wide world)

As for the young authors group, some of you may know I applied for the Girls Write Now program last year and was, sadly, rejected. I had sought out another form of volunteer work related to my passion for writing, but decided I would hold off and reapply to Girls Write Now’s program next year.

On that note, cheers to a New Year, a new season and the resolutions we make all year long!

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas may be over but the holiday came with many fabulous memories that are sure to last throughout 2011. Santa Claus, for one, spoiled me rotten: Mom and Dad Claus hooking me up with a Canon SLR (boost in photo quality to come). The best gift, however, was spending the last five days hanging out stress-free catching up with family and drinking and eating more than I thought possible. And with 18″+ inches of snowy winter wonderland outside, the last 24 hours included three puzzles, two movies and an alcohol-inspired walk to the pub followed by midnight shoveling party!

The biggest fan of the 2010 blizzard is, by far, Dora my Christmas-loving kitty who spent the entire day stalking the birds looking for food in the frozen bird-feeder and displaced bugs crawling on the 3′ high snow drifts. Each time a bird landed, her paw slapped the glass sending it off in a tizzy. When she wasn’t sitting in the window sill, she was cuddled under the Christmas tree — a place that served as a safe haven from my 3-year-old cousins who like to show their love with a tight hug around the neck.

To commemorate her first Christmas, Dora was invited to join in the celebration at her Grandparent’s house, and to meet her aunt and uncle (my parent’s cats), Jasmine and Oreo. She had no idea what she was getting into.

True to her curious personality, as soon as she found them, she followed them slyly wanting nothing more than to play. Jasmine on the other hand wanted nothing but to get away, and Oreo, well, he just wanted her to know whose house it is. But even though he is twice her size, my little munchkin stood her ground hissing at his advances as she attempted to slip out of sight under the couch.

Here she is watching Jasmine go outside. She’s thinking, “Mom, why can’t I go?”

Overall, the visit went well and she was invited back to spend the weekend when I go away in a couple weeks. By this time the Christmas tree will be down so she won’t be able to play “How high can I climb before getting caught?”  (She made it to about 5′ before she knocked off a glass ball and I had to drag her out of the branches by the scruff of her neck.)

Dora wasn’t without pressies either. Santa delivered her a perch so she can further her bird-watching hobby, and Aunt Azzy wrapped up a stuffed teddy bear on an elastic string and a packet of cat nip.

Cat nip doesn’t seem affect her too much. Not sure if she’s immune to the cat nip or she’s just got so much energy naturally that we can’t tell the difference. Either way, she loved rolling around in it.


I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as Dora and I.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday celebrations, hiking through the snow and the remainder of 2010!!! What a year it’s been…


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Dora Kitty Update

She’s nuts.

Nothing more to it… she is one crazy kitty!!! The sweet thing wakes me up anywhere between 3am and 530am by tear arsing around the house and then bounding up on the bed and rolling around on my body. I try to pet her to calm her down, but she wants none of that. The second your hand goes near her, she accepts it as a chew toy and kicks, grabs and bites my skin. Goooood morning!

She’s also taken a liking to the boy. The one day he wasn’t around this week I had to carry her to bed. She has chosen the couch over me, which I must admit was slightly disappointing as I was craving kitten-cuddles, but after dragging her in we had some pet/face-kneading quality time. I’ve also almost squished her a couple times rolling over in my sleep; maybe she’s just a fast learner and knows to avoid me if she doesn’t want to become a pussy-cat pancake.

Her favorite pastime seems to be running around the house as fast as she can. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the house… Max did the same thing. She hates being separated from her turkey toy (from grandma) and will drag it all around the house, tangled up in the string, attempting to destroy the turkey’s existence all night and day. And she loves the laser light. She’s kinda catching on though. She seemed to be aware of the fact that I was in control of it last night. But just when I thought its mind-control effects had worn off, she chased it up the back of the couch and fell off. And when I offer her both the bright mesmerizing red dot of a light AND the turkey on a stick, she freezes. She’s clearly meant to be with me: we share the same inability to make decisions!

On a positive note, she’s all good with the litter box. And just like a toddler, she always picks the “wrong” time to stink up my room!! Ahhh… this weekend we’re retraining her to go in the bathroom!

I don’t have any new photos because I don’t have a camera at the moment and she is not capable of sitting still long enough for my phone to capture a non-blurry moment. But I’ll get more up this weekend.

I’m sure right now she’s sleeping quietly on the couch, all curled up, innocent and aDORAble… just saving up her energy for marathon training this evening!

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Meet Dora, the aDORAble Explorer!

This weekend AAA and I (and the boyf) got a new roommate. She’s friendly, happy, full of energy and has the most beautiful color “hair!”

Meet Dora, the Crazy Kitty Explorer:

As most of you know I have a slight obsession with dogs. Something about their unconditional love and affection and desire to cuddle that makes me a complete sucker for any canine that looks my way (or walks in front of me; I’m easy!). Needless to say, working one and a half hours from home, and conducting the majority of my social life in the same locale, doesn’t lend itself to providing a dog with the level of attention that it deserves.

I wasn’t always a dog-lover. Growing up I preferred cats. I admired their emotional and physical independence. You had to earn their love; I respected that trait. I guess times change. The smushier I got, the more I was drawn to doggy love.

When it comes down to it, I need fur in my life. I grew up with cats and a dog; animals were always a staple at home. After fostering Max the ADHD puggle for 6 months, I really missed having a pet, so I started toying with the idea of getting a kitty.

Last Thursday my mom texted me the following:

Caption: Want to adopt a kitten? 5 months old, spayed and has all her shots.

Reply: Yes! Now!

My mom’s vet had found her and been taking care of her for the past month. Two days later she moved in.

Thankfully my boyf is a huge cat lover, and in the know when it comes to caring for them, so he helped me stock up on necessary cat kit and avoid blowing money on the un-necessary.

When she arrived we expected her to sneak out of her cage and hide in a corner for 24 hours, avoiding all human contact.

On the contrary, she tiptoed out and spent an hour or so exploring every crevice in the apartment. After she felt comfortable enough, she let loose and began the bouncing, jumping and dashing about that, interspersed with cat naps, is her favorite pastime activity.

After a couple accidents in the bathroom and on my comforter (arrrgh!), she seems to have grasped the concept of the litter pan. She has her favorite toys: “Mousey” and a turkey hanging off elastic from a stick bought by grandma (my mom’s resorted to accepting anything furry as a grandchild), a favorite window ledge and a preferred sleeping blanket (which was also peed on and is currently at the Laundromat).

She’s super friendly, and cuddled up in bed with us after only being at the house for a matter of hours — and after bouncing around chasing Mousey for the first half of the night!

After much contemplation, we’ve named her Dora. Before meeting her I was leaning towards Sushi — I had met a rescue cat named Sushi and thought it was the cutest thing ever — but it just doesn’t suit her personality. She’s an explorer at heart, so Dora it is. She seems to like it; she responds to it. Although she could just be responding to my high-pitched baby talk voice that only comes out when I’m talking to her. Either way, it works. And she squeaks back.

She’s absolutely aDORAble (ha. see what I did there?). And I’m embarrassed to say I’m acting like a new mom and refuse to leave her alone with any toys she may tangle herself on. (She was not happy when I left her alone in my room and then took away the elastic turkey toy.)

I’m a sucker for her already and can’t wait to get home to play with her. I love the lil’ furball… even if she doesn’t bark and lick my face while I’m trying to sleep.

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