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Many runners like to run on their own; while many like to have a friend or partner at their side. Running with someone is beneficial in maintaining motivation and staying on track. For example,

  1. it will push you to keep going when you are feeling exhausted… or when your ankle feels broken or you develop a stitch in your side that feels like a stab wound, and
  2. having someone to chat to will distract you from exhaustion… and sensations that resemble a broken ankle or a stab wound in your side.

The most difficult part of your training might be convincing said friend/partner to sign up for a half-marathon that you have registered for. Here is some advice for that:

  • After you run 3.6 miles, head to an awesome pizza bar to continue socializing. Each order a pizza and a pint of beer. Continue socializing. Order a second round of beers. Wait till the grease and alcohol drowns running endorphins. Suggest friend run same half-marathon as yourself.

Voila! You have a training buddy! 

With that said, I am back on the training game. I’ve signed up for the More Magazine + Fitness Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park this April. And, using the cunning advice above, my TNT running buddy will be running it with me. YAY INES! 


Had so much fun the first time, I'm doing it again! (Also proof that I checked in at the TNT booth at the Nike race.)

I will not be running this for charity. Without a doubt, I will do that again, but this one is just for me.

Sooo stay tuned… and watch this page for more fun training updates.


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