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Those words actually came out of my buddy’s mouth yesterday. It kinda sums up the intensity he brings to the mountain. The comment might have shocked me, but the guy had already tricked me into riding my first real Black Diamond trail.

Yeah, seriously, he tricked me. Amid his pre-ride coaching I promised to give a Black Diamond a go before the end of the day but requested a slow start.

“Let’s start on an easy one. Ok? An intermediate slope?!”

“Sure, let’s go this way.” As he disappeared over a hill. Ummm, not an easy one!!!

But I have to give the guy lots o’ credit. If I had known I was riding it, I probably would have let my nerves get the most of me. High-five Gross-man for the manipulation. Well respected. It made me want to go back for more. So I did… and I ROCKED IT!

Look! See? Me rockin’ out:

I rocked it one and half times… one and a half times before I ate it… wiped out on my booty…

and kept on sliding…

and tried to ride out the momentum and get up mid-slide…

annnnnd… sorry, I dont have anymore screenshots to show the next slick move. But let’s say as my cameraman flew past me, I continued to gain speed, and when trying to pop back up into a standing position I caught the front edge of my trusty Troop and dove chest-first downhill into the hard-packed snow ahead of me. Since my hands decided to sit this one out, my full weight landed on my right rib cage, creating a sweet crunching sound… and knocking every molecule of air out of me. (Does air travel in molecules? I need a scientist to weigh in on this one.)

If I could get the video plug-in on WordPress to work, I’d air Gross-man’s monologue about my disappearance — its entertaining. But alas, too difficult for my half-conscious mind.

Currently my body is demanding a state of immobility out of fear of moving through a position that is going to trigger excruciating pain to rocket through my nerves and make my stomach nauseous. Not fun! The Stratton first aid clinic thinks I’ll be a-ok if I lay off the moving around and lay on the ice. But I think Im gonna get a second opinion from an x-ray machine.

This really dampens my half-marathon training, but as crazy as it makes me sound, it was so worth it. SUCH A RUSH!

I dance on my snowboard when I’m chuffed with my runs!

Thanks for the runs and the fun camera work Gross-man.

Sidenote: I had bruised ribs last time I rode Stratton Mtn with my ladies. And that was a dancin’-good time also!

Anyone have any advice for possibly cracked ribs?? 


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